Koliba étterem

  elcome to Koliba, the best Czechoslovak restaurant in the New York City area. We offer authentic Czech and Slovak dishes and drinks. Come and enjoy our casual and friendly atmosphere, and get a feel of a true central European dining.


31-11 23rd AVE. Astoria - Queens NY 11105, USA
Cod liver 6.25
Herring 6.00
Mixed house salad 6.00
Soup of the day 5.00
Beef soup 4.00
Onion topped with cheese 6.00
Garlic soup with egg yolk/cheese 5.00
Beef with cream sauce 15.75
Boiled beef with dill sauce 14.75
Beef goulash 14.75
Smoked pork with cabbage 14.75
Roasted loin of pork 14.75
1/2 roasted duckling with red cabbage (20 min) 18.75
Potato spaetzle with sheep cheese-bacon 15.75
Gazdovsky tanier 16.75
Potato spaetzle with sauerkraut and bacon 14.75
SIDE DISHES: potatoes, dumplings, mixed vegetables, cabbage, sauerkraut
Chef\\\'s salad 14.75
Grilled chicken over mixed salad 14.75
Stuffed pork schnitzel ala Vihorlat-served weekdays only 17.75
Pork schnitzel in potato pancake batter-topped with cheese 15.75
Pork Schnitzel 14.75
Chicken shish kebab ala Baca - fried 15.75
Chicken in natural gravy with mushrooms 14.75
Stuffed cheese with ham - fried 14.75
Fried cauliflower 14.75
Pirogies boiled topped with bacon 14.75
Chicken schnitzel 14.75
Pierogies fried with sauercream 15.75
Grilled stuffed salmon with crab meat 18.75
SIDE DISHES: potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato salad, french fries, mixed vegetables, tartare sauce
Grilled klobasa 8.75
Langos 7.00
Boiled klobasa 7.75
Hungarian salami 5.75
Headcheese with onion 6.75
Garnished hard boiled egg 6.75
Dumpling cubes with eggs/pickles 7.75
Crapes w/nutella & banana 6.00
Home made strudel 4.00
Crapes with jam 4.00
Ice cream 4.00
Fruit bowl with whipped cream 4.00
Plate sharing 2.50
Czechoslovak and other beer available on tap or bottled